Yimi™ information management

The Yimi Stempel online blockchain notarisation service is up and running. Yimi Meatchain for tracking perishable goods on the blockchain will be live soon. The new Yimi1234.com certified document delivery system is now live.

Our original product

Yimi™ Personal Information Exchange (PIE) is a system for efficient and secure sharing by clients of their personal information with service providers. It is a robust and easy-to-use system for transmitting personal information from a client’s smartphone with consent recorded on and tracking provided by our servers. Please download our presentation about Yimi, our one-page brochure or contact us for a closer look.

Please watch our introductory video.

How it works

Information is transmitted by the Yimi app directly from the client’s device to a service provider’s app or IT system and is not stored elsewhere. We connect clients’ devices with service providers digitally by having them exchange short numbers provided by us, usually on their analogue (phone or face-to-face) channels. There is also a completely web-based option using the links above. The information cannot be retrieved afterwards from our servers but can be verified here if at least the hash is known.

Suitable applications include any situation where clients need to provide personal contact information or medical, banking and other particulars. Yimi is fast, accurate and secure.

Try it yourself

Users of the service should go to the service provider interface or to the client interface. The new version of the client web interface allows the client to enter their info in advance of receiving PIN 1 from the service provider and is linked to the QR code on the right. Information transmission can be verified here if at least the hash is known, for an indefinite period.

Why “Yimi”?

In the Zulu language, “yimi” (pronounced yee-me) means “it is I” and our system and app have been designed to make identifying oneself as easy as saying this compact elegant phrase.

Contact us

If you are interested in a demonstration or in further information, please contact Konstant or Petrus on info@yimi.pw or phone us on +27 12 347 4466 during London or Johannesburg office hours.

Alternatively, download our presentation about Yimi or our one-page brochure.

The Yimi™ system has a (PCT) provisional patent filing and the owner reserves all rights.